Rosye was born in Borneo, a descendant of headhunters! She is a great great great granddaughter of Damang Temanggung Runggu, the Head of Dayak Ngaju Tribe in Central Borneo. She is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia, Dayak Ngaju, Banjarish, Surabaya, Manado and Malay.  She has a background in civil engineering and international business, and worked in both Indonesia and Australia for several years before coming to the USA.  She now is a US citizen and the mother of a Combat Valor and Purple Heart recipient for his service in Afghanistan as a US Fleet Marine Corps Hospital Corpsman.  She has an extensive network of Indonesia political and business relationships.  She has expertise in planning and creating projects, writing business plans / proposals / contracts, and presentation of plans / proposals to prospective investors.  As Indonesia’s importance in international trade increases, she perceives a need to gather and digest necessary business information into one place, making the way easier for like-minded entrepreneurs.

All her life, Rosye has been an artist with boundless creativity and enthusiasm, expressing herself wholeheartedly in a variety of mediums. She sang from a very young age and won several radio and television contests in Indonesia.  In America, she has been active in a barbershop quartet with her husband, as well as writing and arranged songs.  Other mediums have included piano, church organ, Javanese gamelan and kolintang, ninjutsu, designing and making dresses, designing new products, cooking (no recipes, please), carpentry, and oil and acrylic painting.